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Seniors Last Day Was Today

Today was the seniors last day. I am really happy for them, but it is tough. I'm going to miss a lot of them. It was a fun day, though, everyone was in a good mood and the seniors were blasting music on Main St and started chants like 'It's all over' and all that fun stuff. It was a lot more low key than last year, though. And the senior pranks this year sucked. They all parked their cars in the teacher parking, which is a great idea cause then the teachers would have no where to park, but they all either got towed or the cops made them move. Last year, my friends older brother, A-Nuts, ran down Main St in a thong on the second to last day. It was so funny. Yesterday, a bunch of seniors did that again, but it wasn't as funny. It was a planned thing, and everyone was there to watch, as opposed to last year which was sort of spontaneous and a lot funnier because no one expected it.

Other than the seniors leaving, it was a pretty low key day. I have a huge bio test tomorrow which will either make my fourth term grade pretty good or really, really, really bad. I convinced her to let us use a note card, but I don't know if it will be enough. Oh well.

Still need that haircut...
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