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Another Week Done

Saturdays are so incredibly nice because I get to sleep in until noon, and recover from the stress and fatigue of a week of school. I also get to watch some college football, hangout with friends, and if I feel inclined, do some work. Today I watched my Michigan State Spartans get their asses handed to them by my dads University of Wisconsin Badgers, the Bruins win to become the best team in the NHL, and I got some work done for Mock Trials. I headed over to Gaby's house and we worked together on a direct examination. If I get this role, this year, it will be really nice.

I hate the fact, though, that everything involving school now has the added pressure of colleges looking at it. If I do bad in a class, it will be on my transcript, if I don't do excellent, it could keep me out of a school I really like. Everything I do will effect college, which effects the rest of my life. It sucks.

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