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Grades are in...

Today all my teachers, except Mr Hubacker (French), gave me my grades. B+ in english, B in history, C in Bio and C+ in math. Math really pisses me off because the teacher goes "You have a 79.3 as your overall average, and if it were a 79.5 or higher I would of rounded it up to an 80 or a B-." Then I asked if I did test corrections for a test we got back today and gave them to her before the end of school if she could give me .2 points and she goes "What do I look like, Goodwill?"

I think that it is so stupid she wouldn't give me .2 points. If I got a B- in that, coupled with the B+ and B in english and math, and possibly a B in french than I would have a great report card. But no, she has to be a bitch. Oh well... someone in the class said "Maybe for christmas we can get Ms Lichtmen (the teacher) a car bomb."

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