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Science of Andrew


13 July
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Hi their folks,

Where to begin? I am Andrew "Happymeal", I am 16, a junior at Newton North High School which is the home of the Tigers. I did wrestle and was planning on being on the football team until I broke my arm on Thanksgiving of freshman year. It was a bad break which required surgery and now I can't do sports until, at the earliest, this thanksgiving. Now I basically spend all my time with friends, listening to music, and rooting for the Boston Red Sox. I am a Boston Red Sox fanatic. The weird part of that is pretty much all my friends hate baseball. But besides that one fault I have the best friends.

I dont pronounce my R's . I call a garbage can a barrel , a water fountain a bubbla , and a milkshake a frappe . I root for a team who has not won a World Series since 1918. I say Larry Bird is the greatest basketball player. Ted Williams , the greatest hitter. To me any place west of Rte. 128 is the boonies and Cape Cod is a little piece of Heaven down here on Earth.The best thing on a summer night is Fenway Franks off the grill with Boston Baked Beans.I ride on the T . I know better than to swim in the Charles River , but I do love that Dirty Water . I yell YANKEES SUCK . I am a Bostonian .

Most of my entries are friends only so leave a comment to be added.

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